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Location: Windsor, CA Department: Windsor Branch
Location: Wixom, MI Department: Wixom Branch
Location: Cincinnati, OH Department: Cincinnati District
Location: Windsor, CA Department: Windsor - Help Desk
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Location: Charlotte, NC Department: Charlotte District
Location: Columbus, OH Department: Ohio District
Location: Dallas, TX Department: Dallas District
Location: E Syracuse, NY Department: Syracuse District
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Location: Houston, TX Department: Houston Branch
Location: Knoxville, TN Department: Knoxville District
Location: Longwood, FL Department: Orlando District
Location: Marietta, GA Department: Georgia Branch
Location: Memphis, TN Department: Memphis District
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Location: Oklahoma City, OK Department: Oklahoma District
Location: Raleigh, NC Department: Raleigh District
Location: Sarasota, FL Department: Tampa District
Location: Tallahassee, FL Department: Florida North District
Location: Windsor, CA Department: Windsor
Location: San Francisco, CA Department: Wellness Center - San Francisco
Location: San Jose, CA Department: Wellness Center - San Jose
Location: Walnut Creek, CA Department: Wellness Center - Walnut Creek
Location: San Francisco, CA Department: San Francisco Wellness Center

About VIP PetCare

In January of 1995 VIP PetCare started offering pet lovers an alternate for their preventative veterinary care. VIP PetCare works with a variety of community partners, primarily pet and feed retail stores, to bring non-emergency veterinary clinics to communities across the country. Over the past eighteen years, VIP PetCare has grown from humble beginnings to become the premier provider of Community Veterinary Clinics in the country.

VIP PetCare offers comprehensive vaccines for dogs and cats, affordable vaccine packages, pet microchipping, standard blood and fecal testing, prescription flea and tick control, de-worming, and heartworm prevention at every walk-in community clinic. Many products are also available online or by phone for our existing clients. There is a state-licensed veterinarian supervising every Community Veterinary Clinic, and there is a board of full-time veterinarians that oversee all policies, protocols, and pricing for VIP PetCare services and products.

The goal of VIP PetCare is to improve the lives of pets and the people who love them. We strive to achieve this goal by treating your pet like a member of our family.